Monday Morning Clinical Consultation Group

I am currently running a new private weekly clinical supervision group, meeting on Monday mornings in South Orange, NJ.  The group will be suitable for psychotherapists some background in psychoanalytically-oriented clinical work, or experienced clinicians who wish to learn more about a psychoanalytically-informed approach to treatment.

A primary function of the group will be to process presented clinical case material in a group setting, working on resolving transference and countertransference dilemmas that inevitably arise in all intensive treatment, to deepen clinical work and facilitate the psychotherapeutic process. In addition, the group will reflect my own interest in the challenge of bridging theory and clinical experience. 

We will rely on an approach that recognizes the central importance of emotional, and not just intellectual processing, of clinical material. This balance is also part of the supervision experience. We will rely on both theory and on emotional experiences in the group setting to give enhanced meaning to clinical work, and to develop clinical formulations relying on the languages of diverse psychological theories, including object relations theories, and contemporary relational psychoanalysis, among others. 

I have twenty-seven years of experience with group supervision, as member of a long-term supervision group, as peer group member, and running my own supervision groups for graduate students in clinical psychology and also with post-graduate clinicians with varied training backgrounds.

I have found that supervision groups provide some unique benefits to clinicians. The mutuality and emotional supportiveness of a group setting allows members to address clinical difficulties in an atmosphere of safety and collegiality. Members bring different experience and their own personalities, offering varied responses and insights. The cost of the group will be moderate, with the intention of allowing the group to develop and evolve over time. 

Please feel free to pass along this information to others who may be interested, and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Seth Warren