Clinical Consultation Group -- Developing and Supporting a Private Psychotherapy Practice

I have openings in this upcoming Clinical Consultation Group scheduled for Monday mornings. The group is suitable for licensed professionals seeking the support and encouragement of a group supervisory experience. The purpose of this group is to use psychoanalytic clinical concepts and theory to process clinical issues in cases presented by its members with the goal of helping members develop and maintain the kind of practice they would like to have. In particular, the group will help support depth-oriented psychotherapy practice in the context of decreasing cultural support and interest in meaningful and intensive psychotherapeutic work. This group is suitable for early-career clinicians with at least some background in psychoanalytic thought and practice. Fee is moderate to encourage ongoing participation. See contact information to inquire.

Reading Group -- Relational Psychoanalysis: Theory and Practice

Relational Psychoanalysis is a important and growing area of clinical theory and practice, synthesizing a number of historical trends in psychoanalysis and social theory. This ongoing group will meet weekly to read and discuss the work of major Relational theorists in a casual and collegial atmosphere. Readings will be drawn from both historically-important and contemporary texts reflecting the interests of group members. We may choose to meander through selected topics as our interests shift and evolve. We will always keep an eye on the clinical relevance of this work, considering how these texts may enrich and expand our clinical work and our professional selves.

Reading Group -- Advanced Seminar in Contemporary Object Relations Theories

This reading and study group will meet weekly to explore the large and growing literature derived from the object relations theories of the Kleinian tradition, including the contributions of Winnicott and Bion. There is a large group of exciting and provocative contemporary clinical theorists in this tradition, including Thomas Ogden, Christopher Bollas, Michael Eigen, Adam Phillips, James Grotstein, Neville Symington, and quite a few others, from whose work we can pick and choose. The purpose of this group is to read and study together in a relaxed, unhurried, and collegial context, without the pressure of academic requirements or evaluation, to be able to dwell with, savor, and process these theoretical writings with an aim of supporting the pleasure of learning, discovery, and the personal use of theory for growth and application in our clinical work. Readings can be chosen based on group interest. Moderate fee. See my contact information to find out more about this group.